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This help page covers the basics of page creation and page editing on the staff wiki. For more help with Mediawiki (the type of software that runs this wiki) see the links below to other help guides. If you're interested in taking a class to learn how to use the wiki, visit Classes.

Any page on the wiki that is not restricted can be edited by anyone with a valid login. When you edit, you use a special markup language which is easy to learn and is documented on the pages below.

To get started, see getting started and the help links below.

Help links

Getting started Creating new pages Images, tables, templates

what's a wiki, how to read a page
reading a page history
staff wiki usage policy
getting an account

Creating new pages
advice on page titles
displaying RSS feeds

other media files

Syntax and links Getting more help Outside resources

wiki markup overview
linking to the S:/ drive
making links

editing classes
sandbox for practicing

Tutorial on how to edit Wikipedia
syntax cheatsheet
help documentation for Mediawiki
class on wikis


Phoebe can probably answer them.