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Hello! My name is Phoebe Ayers. I'm a librarian in the UC Davis Physical Science & Engineering library. I'm responsible for the computer science, electrical engineering & physics collections.

I wrote the help pages for this wiki. Please help improve them.

My staff page may be found at the professional development pages; my userpage on the Physical Sciences wiki may be found here. I can be found on Wikipedia here.

A collection of resources on how to edit Wikipedia (and by extension, MediaWiki, which this site is built on) may be found here. There's also a local help page for this wiki. If you have suggestions for help resources, let me know.

Feel free to ask me for help with any and all editing questions; leave a note on my talk page or send an email.


talk to me:
psayers at ucdavis dot com
phoebe.ayers at gmail dot com
aim, yahoo: phoebeayers; gtalk: phoebe.ayers
1-530-752-9948 desk

Things that are always welcome: good ideas, enthusiasm, coffee.