Future of UCSF Libraries

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Issues that emerged from LAUC-SF discussion on the future of UC Libraries:

  • UC Collection (singular) vs. “Collections”: continued discussions are needed about how to balance a campus's ownership of materials (especially unique collections) with more widespread access.
  • Librarian roles need to evolve
  • Library as place: UCSF Library has been actively involved in developing the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) to open on the second floor of the Library in 2011. The TLC will replace a floor that used to be devoted, in part, to more traditional functions such as housing bound journals. Although there were initial concerns about "losing space," most library staff now see the TLC as a positive development that will cause us to develop new services and ways of teaching. The area will be converted into more vital space that benefits the aims of the Library in tandem with those of the University.
  • "Carpe Diem: Transforming Services in Academic Libraries" by Paula Kaufman, University of Illinois – UCSF UL Karen Butter directed us to this paper that addresses similar themes.