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5. Collections

  • Space pressures and the need for increased efficiency are leading to shared collections among libraries. A new entity is emerging called the “collective collection” which links together shared repositories.
  • Collectivization raises problems of responsibility, decision-making, access and permanence.
  • The complete content for the bulk of our journal collections is effectively online. Within a few years, the majority of our monograph collections will also be online. Additionally, our users will have online access to large quantities of scholarly monograph not held within the UC Libraries via HathiTrust. With such ready access to this vast amount of materials, will users abandon use of information resources within the UC Library Collection that are not online? If yes, what should we do differently?
  • We need to ensure that we have the right amount and kinds of space for both physical and electronic collections.

How do we justify acquisition of expensive materials to support faculty promotion and tenure that aren’t used in undergraduate instruction?

  • How will libraries collect unique materials assuming a UC one-copy project?
  • UC needs to address the question of how much duplication is acceptable and how catalogs serve as discovery tools.
  • Campus planning needs to consider library funding when adding new programs.
  • UC campuses must learn to cooperate even further than at present.
  • Isn’t it time to have CDL negotiate consortial e-book licenses?
  • What will be the role of open access materials in building library collections?
  • CDC report on the UC Library Collection doesn’t mention librarians.
  • UCB refuses to shed its insular attitudes toward ownership (of collections).
  • Ownership is important in ARL rankings and in attracting top faculty.
  • Many research materials are at RLFs and are meant to be shared.
  • Digitization is often grant supported leading to questions of sustainability and preservation.
  • We are increasingly relying on the digital without a (secure) back up.
  • We need more coordination between CDL cancellations and campus cancellations.
  • We need more coordination between bib group request priorities and what CDL licenses.
  • Library funding brings quality collections; quality collections attract the best faculty and students.
  • Library silos are problematic; users must have a way to discover material and a vigorous ILL system to obtain.
  • We must take care not to embrace mediocrity but continue the tradition of excellence.
  • It’s premature to take the “s” off collection.
  • Perhaps the whole university will have to re-think the way it does business before we can even seriously think collection in the singular.
  • It was really dumb to cut CDL funding during a time when co-operative action is so crucial.
  • Books need local collections; systemwide collection for journals only.
  • Approval plans may evolve to something more patron-driven for time of need for certain categories of materials.
  • Physical constraints require a streamlining of collections throughout the system, but local collections should be shaped to support growth of programs on campus as much as possible.