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UCSF Summary

Budget/Overview Funding was secured by dedicated state bonds, which is why construction is proceeding in the midst of dire budget circumstances.


Info Providers

Personnel There was a general consensus that our roles needed to evolve in order for librarians to remain relevant, but into what is less clear.

Thus far we have absorbed minimum job losses, and no LAUC-SF members have lost jobs. We have frozen recruitment for the previously valuable bioinformatics specialist position, in response to budget concerns.


Collections There remains a gap in conceptions of whether we have a UC "collection" or "collections," and continued discussions are needed about how to balance a campus's rightful ownership with more widespread access.

Buildings At UCSF we've taken a somewhat different approach to the concept of "library as place," with the Library's active involvement in the development of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) to open in 2011. The TLC will replace a floor that used to be devoted, in part, to more traditional functions such as housing bound journals. Although there were initial concerns about "losing space," most library staff now see the TLC as a positive development that will cause us to develop new services and ways of teaching. We are not advocating clinging to the building for the building's sake, but rather converting our physical assets into more vital space that benefits the aims of the Library in tandem with those of the University. This Center will feature additional classrooms for the campus, as well as a more flexible and interactive teaching lab for library staff. Construction of this Center is now underway and is expected to be completed by January 2011.

Like our colleagues across the UC Libraries, UCSF has responded to significant budget cuts by reducing library hours. Our location on the Parnassus campus closes at 10 PM rather than midnight Sunday-Thursday, and the Mission Bay library is now closed on the weekends.

From September to February the Parnassus location was completely closed on Saturdays. However, we are now open from 8 AM-8 PM on Saturdays in the Hearst reading room, which provides an attractive and convenient place for UCSF students to study. There are no other library services available during this time.

Campus Roles On an educational note, the Library is working to enhance patron access to mobile resources (many of our licensed resources now have mobile versions designed for smart phones), and to develop a version of our web site optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

"Carpe Diem: Transforming Services in Academic Libraries" by Paula Kaufman, University of Illinois – UCSF UL Karen Butter directed us to this paper that addresses similar themes.

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