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Here are ideas for organizing local discussions of the future of UC librarianship.

Contributions to LAUC blog

Speaker Series

Journal club

Brown Bag meetings - one per topic

Take minutes of local meetings

Take a case study approach and profile one issue at the campus in depth and its relevance for future trends

Report on conferences attended with material relevant to future trends

Investigate what other organizations/forums are studying the future of librarianship

Local Discussion Programs by Campus

Berkeley - The UCB LAUC spring assembly will be held in April. The main activity at the assembly will be breakout discussions of each of the topics similar to the discussion held at the statewide assembly. The discussions at each table will be captured and transcribed and I will post them very soon after the assembly. A date for the assembly will be decided soon.

Davis - Message sent to library listserve by LAUCD describing the LAUC blog and wiki and inviting participation. Matt sent out separate email to listserves calling for guest bloggers. One response was received which didn't follow up. One other guest blogger was signed up. LAUCD suggested expanding the conversation about libraries to other units by searching campus blogs for interested groups. Also, the suggestion was made to monitor related discussions about librarianship outside of California. The following links were provided: Here is the page for the Taiga Forum. While the group's first list of statements seems more "provocative" and far afield, the last issued document seems a little closer to our reality. also: Roy Tennant's reaction in his Library Journal column (and others' comments) are here: The Orbis-Cascade Alliance is interesting to watch--they are the WA and OR libraries, and have done a lot of work across institutional boundaries. The link is just to their strategic agenda, but they have put a lot on their page. This is a UK-based project w/ the British Library, Research Libraries UK and others. I wasn't able to see much of their web 2.0 websites content without signing in (which I didn't want to do), but was interested in how they set up the tabs to promote discussions, events and such.

At the LAUCD general membership meeting on March 9, I will make another call for blog contributions and propose a brown bag series to discuss the 9 topics as the relate to Davis with a view towards putting together a profile of the library in its current state.


Los Angeles



San Diego

San Francisco

LAUC-SF held a discussion on February 8 that included LAUC members, our UL, and Library Senior Management. Other interested Library staff also attended. LAUC-SF Chair Marcus Banks wrote an excellent summary of the discussion, posted at <>. Topics that resonated with our group were: Library Space, Library Personnel, and Collections.

We hope to have more discussions in the future, though currently none are planned.

Santa Barbara

Santa Cruz