LAUC Futures Survey Questions

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Following are suggested questions for a LAUC-wide survey on issues of the future of the profession.


Are you in: public services or technical services

1. Reference

  • Have reference desks been been reduced in your library?
  • Is further reduction being considered?
  • How many reference desks does your library have?
  • Does your library have a chat reference service? If so, does it take up to 5, 10, 15 hrs. per week?
  • Rate its effectiveness on a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best). Recommend changes.
  • Are there plans for other technologies for reference? If so specify.
  • Has there been an assessment of the reference service in the last five years?

2. Relationship with Information Providers

  • Would you recommend changes in the journal pricing/packaging for your campus? Yes or no. If yes, please specify.

3. Personnel

  • Have librarian positions been redefined as the result of the budget crisis? Yes or no.
  • Is there support for librarians to pursue: (a) coursework (b) degrees (c) professional development?
  • Does the library have a formal means of succession planning?
  • Have librarians at your campus published outside their discipline within the last three years? Yes or no?
  • Are non-librarians used for reference/instruction duties?

4. Technology

  • Do you think that the Next Gen Melvyl interface is better or worse than the old Melvyl? What changes do you recommend?
  • Does your library make use of social networking technology in the form of: Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Other?
  • Are online subject guides/tutorials used: Much, somewhat, not at all?
  • Do you provide instruction/support for bibliographic software and if so what kind?
  • Do library users express dissatisfaction with retrieval of print or electronic journals?

5. Collections

  • Is your library taking steps to reduce its collection? If so, does this include (check all that apply): altering approval plans, formal planning, intensified weeding, other?
  • Is collection building done by non-librarians (e.g. faculty)? If so, specify.
  • How much are ebooks used on a scale of 1(much) to 5(not)?

6. Buildings

  • Does your library have an information commons?
  • Have significant renovations/rearrangements taken place in the last 5 years? If so, specify.
  • Does your building house other campus units? If so, specify.
  • Is your building used for fundraising, e.g. a coffeeshop? If so, specify.

7. Campus Roles

  • What fraction of instruction time is spent on the web? (Pick the closest) 10%, 25%, 50%
  • What fraction of instruction time is spent on source evaluation? (Pick the closest) 10%, 25%, 50%
  • Does your instruction department have a research paper consulting service?
  • Has your instruction service adopted new technologies in the last five years (e.g. smartboards, clickers, social networking, discussion boards)? If so, specify.
  • Has there been an assessment effort of the instruction program?
  • Outreach efforts include (check all that apply): blogs, twitter, facebook, campus advertising print, campus advertising electronic, new services (specify)
  • Has the library conducted research for any campus units in the last five years?

8. Library Networks

  • Has Next Gen Melvyl Tech Services (NGMTS) produced changes in your library? If so, specify.

9. Organizational Cultures

  • Do you have regular face-to-face meetings with ULs/AULs?
  • Does your library have an excess of committees?
  • Does your library make use of intra-library listserves?
  • How receptive to change would you describe your library organization on a scale of 1(yes) to 5(no)
  • Are you satisfied with how LAUC web 2.0 directory has represented/advocated for librarians on your campus? Yes or no. Specify improvements.