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UC Santa Cruz Summary

Budget/Overview For the most part the library is observing a hiring freeze. This has resulted in increased cross training between departments to meet the workload left from vacancies.

We ended some services this year as a direct result of the budget cuts, such as Document Delivery and Link+. We were able to get a library fee referendum on the student ballot, which would go directly to staffing longer building hours.


Info Providers



Collections Grateful Dead Archive: We are in the process of hiring an Associate Librarian (or Librarian) to serve as the Grateful Dead Archivist. We are also hiring a Project Manager for the Grateful Dead Archive.

Buildings McHenry Building Project: The project looks as though it will finish on time. We should be moving staff and collections into the finished space by December 2010. To see some images of the new building: http://library.ucsc.edu/about/locations/mcadd/mchenry-addition-images-and-floorplans

Photo survey: For the past couple months we've been working on a photo survey, based on a photosurvey done at the University of Rochester. We asked students to tell us how they use the library, how they like to study, places in the library they love, places in the library where they feel lost, et cetera. We are going to use their feedback to inform the furniture we purchase for the new McHenry building. For details: http://library.ucsc.edu/2010-photo-survey

We reduced library hours this year (we are closed Saturdays and close at 10pm Sunday-Thursday). We have also reduced staffing levels on our Reference Desks.

Campus Roles Student actions continue on campus. The most recent was the March 4 strike, which resulted in a suspension of all campus services. The most disruptive event (from the library's perspective) remains the Friday, November 13-14 takeover of the Science & Engineering Library. We were very fortunate that students and library staff were able to remain peaceful for the duration of that takeover.

Library Networks

Organizational Culture LAUC social events: Given all the budget cuts, and the fact that we all get so busy and don't really know what other people are working on, we decided to plan events to create a sense of camaraderie and collegiality. Once a quarter we meet after work at a local restaurant for snacks/drinks and talk about our work. We usually have two or three planned speakers but if the conversation is rolling along organically we just go with it.