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2. Library relationships with information providers

  • Current pricing models are counterproductive in terms of keeping us, their customers, able to control costs effectively.
  • Need to reduce costs but expand services at the same time.
  • We need to ensure, for the information providers, that necessary business costs are met and that profits are commensurate with value received and, for the library, that allocated funds can be used for the greatest benefit of our users.
  • Vendors want more money, libraries want better service.
  • We should do more to get control over what the university (i.e., the faculty) produces and make better use of and provide more access to this material for the student users.
  • Turn the university into more of an information provider through e-scholarship.
  • Librarians need to support faculty and share with them information about alternative publishing options.
  • The university can produce textbooks and instructional materials and the library can assist with best practices.
  • Need to be able to borrow e-books as we do print. Develop role for ILL in licensed e-book environment. Preserve fair use.